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Discover how Incredible Company has decided to work with Wellnest in order to automate + centralize their work to scale their business…

How using the right technology will allow you to work less and scale more, quicker


Incredible Company organizes activities to reconnect people with themselves, with nature and with one another.

They have a library of over 220 activities and workshops they offer either online, in the workplace, or in their Incredible Oasis, little places of eco-paradise located in nature, not far from business centers and business districts to allow people to resource and recharge before and after work or at lunchtime during their workweek.

As they were growing, they started to accumulate and combine many different tools – Airtable, newsletters providers, Eventbrite, etc. This obviously became quickly time-consuming and unmanageable.

For example, they were publishing their corporate events on Eventbrite, which allowed anyone to access their events and see them as free. There was no way to manage the access or privacy of their workshops.

Managing bookings, payments, communications were some other challenges they were facing and they quickly realized they had to have everything centralized in one single place.

As they couldn’t find a tool meeting their exact needs and requirements, they started to ponder the fact of developing something by themselves.

So what were your requirements and what did you need exactly?

We needed a platform that was covering the whole spectrum of our work and centralizing everything in one single place. On top of that – and because we had all our DB in another system – we had to have the option to develop an API to synchronize the whole system with our existing data (our instructors, our workshops and activities, etc).

We have so many stakeholders with different needs that it was pretty hard to find something that could integrate well and limit the repetition of tasks in different tools.


At that stage, we were already spending a lot of time working with too many different systems and trying to make everything work smoothly together.
We were losing lots of time in the process, lots of coherence and it became clear it was impossible to scale in these conditions.
We didn’t have the technical skills in-house required to build such a product though. If we had decided to build it ourselves that will have been a major turning point in our existing business. That would have been time, focus, and energy spent on another type of work instead of developing our existing business model.


The fact that Wellnest automates the whole thing is super helpful.

Did you have any fear about using a new tool?

Vincent: my main concern was to start the migration just to realize that things wouldn’t work as planned. I was scared that things would be more complex, more difficult, more time consuming, and more costly than we thought.


In other words, my main fear was to complete the migration just to realize that we had to turn around at one stage because it wasn’t working as planned.


As we were giving the platform to our own clients and all their employees, our existing business relationships were at risk if that didn’t go well.
That was a bit like bungy jumping.


But I have to admit, the meetings we had together with the Wellnest team were great – they were open to discussion and custom development. We were very much aligned with our values and interests, we were really going in the same direction.


They knew from the start that it was also important for them to serve our clients perfectly, to give them a great tool, and provide an awesome user experience.


Wellnest’s skills and knowledge, as well as their efficacy, communication, and openness to discussions told us that we could trust them, their product and their team.


Anne: Not really scared. The main thing for me was to make sure that everything was synch and that we were not losing our time anymore.

Now that you’re using Wellnest, can you tell us what you like the most about it?

We love that the product is very functional.

For us, it’s a huge time saver. The rapidity we have to enter new activities into our library and the calendars management is so much easier and intuitive than with Eventbrite.

The automation of all the different communications and promotions is huge too. All the confirmations, cancellations, reminders, newsletters, bookings, participations, etc… are pretty much on autopilot and this saves us a lot of time, energy, and focus.

Also for us, the option to make online and offline events co-live in our offering is great.

All in all, there is a huge facilitation and simplification of our work processes.
The fact that we didn’t have to organize any training or onboarding processes for our team talks for itself.

What has changed in the way you’re working?

At the moment, it’s a bit hard to tell because Covid-19 had quite an impact on our business and many things have changed.


But clearly, we could schedule many more activities per day than before. And this would be very easy to do without adding any more workload to the team.

Who are your clients using Wellnest?

And what is their reaction when you suggest using the platform?

IBA, is our biggest client using the Wellnest platform.

They were stoked to see that we were growing and getting more professional.

Because our offer had more value, was more coherent, more professional, and more centralized. They understood that we were doing the right thing in order to serve them better. That we were reaching for greater levels of excellence for them and their collaborators.

And it’s working pretty well. Every week, they are welcoming new users and collaborators into the platform so that they can book new activities and all the other services we have to offer.

All in all, this is a positive thing to present what we do with the Wellnest platform. This is a much better approach.

What about the support we were able to offer, at Wellnest?

First of all, the platform is so intuitive that our clients never had any questions!

To be honest your support is impeccable. Nothing to say about that. Always great and straight forward.

Wellnest understood pretty well that support was key. Which is not the same with some other providers. In the past, we had to face some very buggy, complex to use, expensive tools – and with no support whatsoever. Definitely not the case here.

Learn more about Incredible Company

Incredible Company helps corporations creating inspiring spaces in their gardens in order to reconnect their collaborators with nature, with one another and with themselves. They are creating corporate farms, help them to implement permaculture and collective intelligence, organize yoga classes, meditations, mindfulness sessions, and everything that could happen in the garden to improve well-being in (and around) the workplace.


They offer, via Wellnest, over 220 activities. All of them can be organized in the workplace, in the company’s space or at the Incredible Oasis, or online.


They also organize slow team building activities throughout the year, so that people have a chance to connect with one another around other topics than just work.

Here is a great example

For more details, please visit their websites:


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