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Use surveys to understand how your people feel and what they really need. Digitalise, centralise and automate your events, bookings, and communications. Tap into collective intelligence by supporting and facilitating skill-sharing. Get connected to the best professionals to implement optimal solutions. Track results, collect feedback, increase engagement and belonging – all in Wellnest

Put your people first

Finally get to know your people on a deeper level. Give them exactly what they need in order to grow, and do their best work, wherever they are. The only way to make work inspiring and create a healthier, happier & more motivated workforce.

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We make it easy for you to manage it all

Wellnest allows you to ask science-based questions and run an agile, data-driven decision-making process. 

Centralise, automate and optimise the whole process. From reporting to communications to bookings, to feedback and more. Put your inclusive corporate wellness strategies on autopilot.

How It Works?


1. Assess & Analyse

Select your development axes (wellness pillars) and use science-based assessments for each of them. Access your data in real time to drive your decision-making process. Analyse results, understand your strengths and weaknesses. Spot risks and address problems on time.

2. Connect & Implement

Use data to make sure you’re implementing the right solutions. Spot your ambassadors for each of your development axes (wellness pillars). Allow them (and/or other employees) to create solutions and take initiatives. You can also get connected to the best professionals in your area to get external services.


3. Collect Feedback & Validate

Make sure your plan is working by constantly collecting feedback. Track your results and improvements. See how your company’s wellness levels evolve and improve. Adapt your strategy and tweak the solutions accordingly if needed.

More Than A Simple Platform

The only software built by coaches, education & wellness experts to help companies leverage their best asset.

An Intelligent Coaching Tool

More than a simple centralisation platform, Wellnest uses AI in order to help you leverage and automate holistic well-being in the workplace. Because assessments and user profiles are centralised within the platform, Wellnest allows you to offer tailored solutions and online coaching/training to your employees, with total confidentiality.

For example, a user scoring low in nutrition and high in career development will not see the same information than his collaborator scoring high in nutrition and low in career development.

Unlock the power of intelligent learning and give your employees a personal digital coach, tailored to their specific needs.

A Fully Integrated Tool

Wellnest has been specially designed to cover both sides of the spectrum – the assessments and the solutions – in order to set yourself up for success.

Access a wide range of assessments, explore, and schedule solutions that correspond to your exact needs – all in one user-friendly platform.

Let employees vote for the solutions they’d like to see implemented, so you avoid spending money on things they don’t want.

The only way to make sure you address risks and problems on time, efficiently.

With Wellnest

Your Company Will

  • Listen to its employees on a deeper level
  • Measure & increase employees’ satisfaction, health, well-being and engagement at work
  • Allow employees to take responsibility for their own well-being
  • Support and facilitate skill-sharing
  • Create people-centric culture
  • Implement tailored solutions
  • Track & analyse results & ROI
  • Retain & attract talents
  • Decrease stress & absenteeism
  • Prevent burnout
  • Increase productivity and profitability
  • Improve its employer branding in a meaningful way

Ready to create an inclusive culture people love?

Employees with higher well-being are


More Productive


More Engaged


Less Sick

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