Bring Your Community To Life

Tap into the power of micro-communities and collective intelligence. Support and facilitate your members’ exchanges, connections, and businesses – the cement of your space. Create an inspiring people-centric community.

Easily move all or some of your events online to build your family-like culture, wherever your people are.

Give your tenants a tool they’ll love

Take the hassle out of your tenants’ lives by allowing them to access everything they need in one user-friendly place, wherever they are.

Allow them to connect with their co-workers, access and book any event or resource in one simple click or QR code scan, anytime.

Centralise and automate all

your events,

bookings & communications

Centralise your own events and initiatives in a powerful platform. Accept and manage bookings, find the best speakers, coaches, and teachers within the platform. Automate communications and avoid spamming your tenants with a flow of unnecessary emails they don’t want.

How It Works?

1. Create Your Community

Create your community by choosing your community managers.

Create your events, activities, group classes, workshops, conferences, and everything you’re organising for your co-workers.

Access our marketplace to find the best speakers, coaches, teachers, food trucks and therapists around your location if you need external professionals.

Assign and schedule events and activities, collect payments if needed. Put bookings, communications and cancellations on autopilot.

2. Collect Feedback From Your Tenants

Easily define your development axes (e.g. food, exercise, social events, conferences & workshops, well-being…)

Ask questions, collect feedback, take data-driven decision. Solve problems in time. Listen to your people.

 Ask your tenants to vote for new initiatives, workshops, events or dates, so you make sure you optimise everything your do.


3. Give Your Tenants An Integrated Tool

Via Wellnest, your tenants will be able to manage their own schedule. From talks and conferences to exercising treatments, they will access everything you have to offer in one user-friendly place.

Wellnest connects them based on their skills, passions and needs to create business opportunities and connections. 

Tenants are also encouraged to organise skill-sharing sessions, give feedback and submit initiatives. They are included and supported for an authentic and people-centric community. You can also choose to reward them for getting involved.

Ready to stand out from the crowd by building a real online community?

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